BlockPRISM enables encryption in a simple way for everybody without tradeoffs.



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Our goal is to offer encryption to everybody by creating simple-to-use tools that automate message encryption and integrate into your social networks seamlessly.

The NSA scandal showed that there is a need for secure communication. Although encryption technology has existed now for some time, it has not been widely adopted by the public, because it can be complicated. We want to solve this problem by implementing smart encryption tools that anyone can use easily.

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BlockPRISM allows you to securely and seamlessly encrypt messages in your social networks and email without even having to think twice.

We have implemented a Chrome browser extension as a first prototype. The extension encrypts Facebook chats by default (see video). We are initiating this campaign to finish development and enable GMail encryption and mobile usage on iPhone and Android smartphones. Please help us spread the word and consider making a donation.

How it works

System Diagram

The Chrome browser extension enables encryption of Facebook messages and GMail emails with minimum interaction. Just install the extension and enter a passphrase, that’s all. The extension creates the necessary key pair in the background and shares the public key with your friends. Whenever you write a message, your friend’s public key is used to encrypt the message before it is sent. Received encrypted messages are decrypted with your private key in the background and shown. The extension will be ported to the Firefox and Opera browsers. Because most of the communication today is mobile, we want to create applications for your iPhone or Android too.

Supported platforms

How can we ensure the encryption works?

We use strong public private key encryption that is widely used (PGP) and proven. All code will be released as open source. Every programmer can see how it works and validate that the encryption is safe. We promise that the access to the applications will always be free. For advanced questions about encryption, have a look at our FAQ.

Who we are

We are a group of three software engineering students from the Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany and a mechanical engineering student from Stanford University. Our background is in encryption, web- and mobile development. We have successfully developed websites and iOS applications (


Carolyn Estrada
Stefan George
Felix Leupold
Thomas Klingbeil

Why do we need money?

BlockPRISM is our side project on which we work after hours. We would like to focus on BlockPRISM and offer it for free. Without your donations, this won’t be possible. Every donation is a validation for the need for simple encryption and a sign that people want to decide for themselves who can access their information, instead of leaving this decision to big, anonymous companies.

Thank you for your support!


Please support our indiegogo project!